Consensus Layer Withdrawal Protection

Due to time needed for arbitration with any duplicate submissions CLWP stopped accepting new submissions 28th Feb 2023

EIP-4736 sets an Ethereum validator withdrawal address as early as possible using multi-factor authentication while helping the community protect against compromised keys. Subscribe to be notified as soon as CLWP is live so you can set your withdrawal address.

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Did you create a validator without setting the withdrawal address? Is it possible your Ethereum validator keys and consensus layer seed phrase have already been breached? Did you create your keys on an indefinitely air gapped device? Have you ever saved your keys and seed phrase on a computer, password manager or NAS in an unencrypted way? If so, your validator is at risk and may be compromised without knowing.

Consensus Layer Withdrawl Protection EIP-4736 protects validators and:

  1. May stop a breached Execution Layer seed phrase and validator key from being maliciously used.
  2. May add additional security to seed phrases and keys not created on an indefinitely air gapped device.
  3. May help you change your withdrawal address at the first instance the change withdraw address feature goes live.
  4. May stop hackers from using your keys when withdrawals or key rotation is live on chain.

We have encountered many individuals who suspect or know their seed phrase and validator keys were compromised, hacked, or stolen. The scams are sophisticated and it's possible for users to be completely unaware. EIP-4736 helps all validator operators safely set their withdrawal address as soon as the Consensus Layer supports it. By using additional on-chain information, we can give legitimate validators an advantage over any bad actors.

Never give out your seed phrase or validator keys. If you believe or know your validator keys have been compromised, collect evidence, request our whitehat help via our report key breach page, and contact the police.


Multi-Factor Authentication
User Authenticity Whitelist
Set Withdrawal Address
Breached Key Notification*
Arbitration by Kleros**


Key Security
OpSec Certainty

Speed to set Withdrawal Address

Screening bad actors

User Confidence & Wellbeing


User Key Mismanagement
Theft of Staked ETH
Compromised Keys
Against Hacks & Phishing
Keys created on non air-gapped devices
*If any submission is contested will contact you immediately **Should there be a duplicate validator withdrawal request courts can arbitrate to determine user authenticity


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